Audio and Video Conference System Design and Project Management

Video and Audio conferencing technology has evolved considerably in the past 10 years to become a truly viable way of conducting business. This transformation of the way that many companies now do business  has opened up doors for collaboration that have not be realized in the past. Unytel has the ability to provide our customers with audio and video conferencing services  including:
  • Audio Conferencing Equipment Evaluation and Design Recommendation  
  • Desktop Conferencing  
  • Conference Room Systems
  • Video Conferencing Equipment Evaluation and Recommendation
  • Design Specification for Audio and Video Network Requirements  
  • Video Conferencing Room Design  
  • Overall Audio and Video Project Management and Installation

Security System Design and Project Management

The world continues to change and security may be paramount to the success and stability of your company. Unytel recognizes the need for companies to keep their facilities safe and secure and offers the following services to accomplish this effort:
  • Security System Evaluation of Existing Environment  
  • Adds, Moves, or Changes to Existing Environment
  • Design Specification Recommendation for New Security System Overall Security System Project Management and Installation


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The Unytel BLOG


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